March 12 2019

ACM Projects Weekly Update

Here’s what our ACM Projects teams have been up to!


"The frontend has finished on the login page design, layout of each pages, and color scheme of the Android app. For backend, they are working on integrating a calendar API into the app, and are working on solving current issues. Overall progress is good, and mentor has been helpful toward the team."


"This week it has been decided that we're going to be meeting outside of the build-nights together at 8pm on Wednesdays to recap and see where the front end and back end stand. Additionally, the front end will meet once a week at their preferred time as well as the back end. Hopefully this promotes more productivity and more lines of code. The backend is already working with AWS and Google Maps integration, whereas the front end is nearly done with the wireframes and the UI mock up."

Recipe Helper

"The front end team set up a search for recipes to be entered in. They also worked on the UI for entering ingredients and searching for recipes and the resulting pages that display recipes. Of course, they are still learning React so they are having to look up how to do certain things through tutorials online and through documentation. Their goal is to finish up the UI before the next build night. The back-end team started transition from writing API calls to working on setting up a user login and authentication system using Firebase authentication. They started watching tutorials on how to integrate this authentication with React applications to make connecting to the front end easier. Moving forward, the team will try to create a favorites system linked to user accounts so users can favorite recipes that they like."

Stay Woke!

"For the first 3 weeks the team made great headway in defining our project. For build nights 4 and 5 the Stay Woke! team’s focus has been on implementation. The Backend team has set up the server and tested news article APIs from The Guardian as well as The New York Times. These articles are going to serve as the main content for our user. The Frontend team has mocked Up the Home Page and are iterating on the design to ensure their ideal user (Robert) has the best user experience. The Data Visualization team has sourced data points to find data that relates to our 3 starting topics and began to render graphs and charts based on this data."

Playlist Converter

"Today accomplishments were made the team has finally finished the logical flow behind the app as well as the designs, wireframes and overall structure of the app. Next phase of the build will be implementation, the API team is experimenting with the Spotifys api documentation, learning more on how to best use the api for the playlist converter. Roadblocks have been learning and understanding Xcode and the Spotify and Apple API documentation for all in the team it is our first time working with all these tools. By next week we hope to start hardcoding more aspects of the program so we can stay on schedule and potentially add more feature to the app from our stretch goals."

Smart Lecture Notes

"This week, my team came in with all the pages except the Profile page finished, so most of the front-end team members started learning about the back-end in order to make connecting them easier in the near future. The back-end team has separated tasks between members, one of them is working on the best way to save the images in the database efficiently, and another one is working on the best way to search the database for tags and keywords. A front-end person is working with them to render these images and this data in the app, and they are trying to decide the best way to do this. Something that my team expressed a need for is more outside meetings because they have been very helpful, so we scheduled a few of those as well."